Lianyungang Revolutionary Memorial Hall is a large-scale patriotic education base that the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee attach great importance to. It is a classic red tourism scenic spot integrating many functions, such as propaganda, education, collection, research and tourism, and also a large-scale revolutionary memorial hall at the municipal level in China at present. Lianyungang Revolutionary Memorial Hall was established in June 1987, whose original site was Longhai Apartment built in 1925. In March 1938, Zhang Wenhai, a commissioner of the Yangtze River Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Gu Mu were ordered to the ..


The name of the public welfare brand "Small Cart" is related to the story of "Small Cart". On November 7, 1948, Lianyungang was liberated throughout the city. The liberation of Lianyungang was the star day of the Huai-Hai Campaign. Lianyungang people used small carts to send military supplies to the front, and made an important contribution to the victory of the Huai-Hai Campaign ..

Longhai Apartment was founded in 1925. In the mid-1920s, with the eastward expansion of Longhai Railway, there were more and more people from all walks of life coming to Lianyungang. Battalion Commander Lei Heting, a subordinate of Bai Baoshan, the provincial garrison commander of Haizhou during the Beiyang Government, invested in the construction of this hotel, named "Longhai Apartment". ..

  • Wu Yuebo’s Commemor

  • Li Yimang's Seal Bo

  • Shandong War Stamps,

  • The Door Boards the

  • Japanese Army Blanke

  • Certificate of Appoi

  • Letter of Introducti

  • Three-Day Journal of

  • Silver Dollars Left

  • Military Blanket Use

As the content of volunteer services is richer and the number of jobs is increasing, the Management Committee will gradually release the standard for recording points for new jobs. ..

  • Opening Time: 9:00 - 17:00 (Closed on Monday).
  • Ticketing Instructions: Free visit. Get a ticket with you ID card and then enter the Memorial Hall.
  • Bus Route: Get off at the municipal government building by b12 Line
  • Address: No.70 Chaoyang East Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City
  • Tel: 0518-85820610